Why Should You Buy Fake Jewelry?

Why Should You Buy Fake Jewelry?

As you know, cubic zirconia is often used to replace a diamond because of the similarities to a diamond.  Although cubic zirconia is a beautiful stone in its own right, cubic zirconia has been connected with the its use as an imitation for rubies, emerald, sapphires and diamonds just to name a few.  Consequently is it thought of only as a fake and not of a beautiful stone.  An average size diamond can cost thousands of dollars or more.   All for a sparkling rock to be worn on the finger, around the neck or on the wrist.

Diamonds may be a girl best friend, but it is most definitely someone’s bank account worst nightmare.

Without a marriage proposal I bet the fake’s just became the girl’s newest best friend especially if she is paying for them herself.  You can have the same elegant and elaborate jewelry you see on the stars on the red carpet or in the movies without paying an arm and both of your legs for them.  Many jewelry manufacturers are making the similar creations only using a cubic zirconia in the place of all the stones in the jewelry piece.  Honestly if you think about it wearing jewelry costing that much you will need to hire bodyguards just like those ladies have.

You don’t have to do without stunning jewelry in your collection just make them cubic zirconia instead of diamonds or other priceless gems.  They won’t look any different, so you may still have those thieves trying to snatch them off your neck, but they won’t get anything you can’t replace.

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The people who can afford the million dollar diamond necklaces probably don’t really wear them in public at all.  They could easily wear cubic zirconia jewelry instead to ensure the safety of the jewelry, which lives most of the time in a safety deposit box at the bank or in some vault somewhere.  Can you imagine owning that kind of jewelry and not even having the opportunity to wear it?  It seems like such a waste to spend all that money on something to stay in hiding all of its days.
I want jewelry I can wear.  I want jewelry that looks good without looking gaudy.  I want it to compliment the outfit I wear and I want to be able to afford it.  There are so many necessities we need money for so to me buying expensive jewelry is such as waste of money.  Jewelry is a luxury we should be able to afford.  With cubic zirconia we can choose a larger stone, or something covered with stones.  We can have the multiple stones a cubic zirconia with synthetic rubies, or synthetic sapphires with a cubic zirconia.

We can even get the matching set with necklace, earrings and ring.  Cubic zirconia gives us options we would not be able to afford otherwise.  I wish people would see the beauty of the cubic zirconia and forget for one moment it is a fake diamond.  I think they would learn to appreciate the stone a lot more, and manufacturers would not place them in anything, but quality settings.

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