Beautiful Amethyst Cross

Bring Home a Purple Piece of History


Beautiful Amethyst Cross

Meaning and significance
Back before the renaissance, in a time where mathematics and philosophy was being born, we lived in a world dominated by symbolism and ancient civilizations. Amongst these ancient civilizations were the Greek, whose musings have been carried into the modern day. There, amongst the mythology we find so fascinating today, was meaning for all things great and small. Through such representation, the name for the amethyst was born. It is derived from the Greek word meaning “without drunkenness”, and it is said that it protects those who wear it from the effects of intoxication

A part of history
Through many cultures, the amethyst has made an impact. In Ancient Egypt, it was said to protect the wearer from guilty and fearful thoughts. It was a ward against self-deception and even witchcraft, protecting them for thousands of years. In Catholic practice, it represents piety, sincerity, humility and spiritual wisdom. It is worn by the Catholic Bishops, and is said to be a perfect symbol for the Age of the Aquarius. It is a healing stone, said to bring harmony and happiness to the household

Standing through time
Through the ages this stone has descended, visiting every age and culture that has ever been. It has stood through time, and now you can become a part of the history of the amethyst too. With this beautiful piece of jewellery, you can encourage happiness and health in your household.

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6 Light & Eye Catching Amethyst set in 9ct Yellow Gold  graceful cross shaped design, comes with gold tone fashion chain….what are you waiting for?

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Cross Size: 1cm across – 2cm height, incl bail